Sunday, January 07, 2007

From everyone at Seoulitary Confinement, have a prosperous, healthy and happy 2007! After a relaxing but all too short tour of the Philippines, we are busily preparing a breakneck publishing schedule to make up for our recent absence. Hopefully, we can cover all the necessary ground before the real new year, the lunar new year, on February 18th.

Readers of our last comment, some whose corporate event experience surpasses ours, asked the woefully neglected question(s), "You got a gift for attending, didn' t you? What was it?" A pen. And a pencil, mechanical. Unfortunately, the slip cap to these fine writing instruments sport a clip smartly emblazoned with the Korea Institute of Finance logo. Otherwise, likely the very same reader would have received the very same pen and pencil, mechanical, as a gift in the 2006 holiday season.

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Anonymous said...

That very same reader accepts any and all gifts graciously. He also feels guilty about the lack of procurement of an appropriate thank you...but he is certain that he will make up for it. Plus the gun was fucking sweet.